How to force HTTP to HTTPS Automatically

First make sure Free SSL is installed in your hosting account.

How to verify the SSL activated, follow the steps below 

Type in browser like https://your-domain-name , if you are seeing a green lock in the browser left side, then SSL is already installed.

If not installed Free SSL please email or WhatsApp to our support department

If SSL already installed then for redirect http to https automatically , use the below steps ...

Step 1:  Login to cPanel hosting account

Step 2: Find Domains section, click the Domains icon in cPanel.

Step 3: In the opening page you can see a toggle button to switch on "Force HTTPS Redirect". We are recommending this option as switch on always. 

Note: If there is no option to enable HTTPS, the reason is that domain does not have free SSL installed. First make sure SSL is installed and the switch on/off option will present there .

Your domain should now be using HTTPS.



  • HTTP to HTTPS Redirect Automatically
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