Create MySQL Database and DB User. Connect MySQL DB and DB User

To create a MySQL database and user

Step#1. Log into your cPanel control panel.
Step#2. Click on "MySQL Databases" under the "Databases" section.
Step#3. At the next page, enter the new database name under the Create New Database field to create a new database.
You can create a new user by specifying one under "Add New User".

To make sure that the MySQL users have access to specific MySQL databases

Step#4. Link them at the bottom of the page under "Add User to Database". Click MySql Databases under the "Databases"
Step#5. The next screen will allow you to grant privileges for the MySQL user to the database you selected.

To connect to a database and manage Database tables

Step#6. Use phpMyAdmin. You can access this by clicking the icon in the Databases section of cPanel.

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