Dear customer,

We have started linux migration on 06 Dec 19 at 9.00 pm,

Still migration going on.  Finished Migration at 07 DEC 2019 12.30PM

Estimated total time of completion : 36 hrs . Finished within 16 hrs

The New Server IP will be :

There is no change in name server, but ips are changed.

If you are using or or or nameservers for your parent domain, then there wont be any changes to be made from your end.  If the domain name is not registered through us, then you need to change the child namserver ips as per below.

The following are the private labelled nameserver ips  details :

For resellers, If the domain is not registered with us. Please login to domain control panel and just replace the ip address only 

  Old IP New IP
Nameserver 1
Nameserver 2




Saturday, December 7, 2019

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